avocat au Conseil d'Etat et

à la Cour de cassation

Case management and billing

At Hannotin Avocats’, your case will be handled by a team of three people: the partner and, under their supervision, a specialist who will draft the submissions, and a proceedings manager, who will make sure things run smoothly. You may communicate with all of them.

Our case-management software communicates with the software used by the courts in which we plead.

We also have secure accounting, e-money, and financial software that protects the financial relationship between our firm and our clients.


Our goal is to manage both the procedural and the financial aspects of your case transparently and efficiently.

Professional ethics and commitment to quality

Hannotin Avocats exercises the profession of supreme-court lawyer pursuant to the approval of the French minister of Justice (ministerial order of 17 January 2022).

As this is a regulated legal profession, its members have the status of ministerial officers and must obey the rules laid down by the legislative branch and regulatory authorities.

The purpose of this status and regulation is to guarantee high-quality work on all cases and respect for the profession’s strict rules, in particular independence and confidentiality.

The profession and status are explained on the site of the Order of Supreme-Court Lawyers: www.ordre-avocats-cassation.fr

Beyond what this status may require, Hannotin Avocats is committed to a high standard of quality with, in particular:

  • Formalization, at our first meeting, of a detailed fee agreement that transparently indicates the budget needed to handle the case;
  • Introduction of the team members who will work on your case and have the digital tools needed to ensure a quick response time;
  • A high degree of IT security: our firm’s teams work exclusively in a secure Microsoft environment maintained by an approved provider;
  • Direct communication regarding all developments in the case.

We are committed to improving our practices and methods regularly so our services stay transparent and secure.