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Devoted to law as a means to further a contemporary, effective understanding of justice

What we do

Our firm represents individuals and entities in cases before the French State Council and Court of Cassation.

We represent a variety of French and international clients (private individuals, companies, public authorities and entities, and non-governmental organizations) and work closely with them and our correspondents until their case has been resolved.

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Built gradually over 14 years, our team now counts more than 15 highly qualified professionals (lawyers, law professors, holders of PhDs in law, etc.). The common denominator is that they all have significant experience beyond their work for the firm that broadens their perspective and keeps us up to date on innovations in legal theory and practice, as well as on the hot topics in today’s society.

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Working with our firm

After an initial meeting to understand your point of view, objectives, and issues, followed by a thorough review of the case file, we identify the legal rules that apply to your situation and examine how they developed over time to determine which ones might evolve in your favor.

We work in close collaboration with your previous counsel and are completely transparent: we will provide you with all the information and documents produced for or obtained from the proceedings and will agree on fees at our first meeting.

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Our areas of expertise

We specialize in supreme court review but maintain a comprehensive approach to law, working in many different fields.

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